The strangest everyday causes of wrinkles

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Everyone has them right? Despite this, there seems to be an obsession with wrinkles, making plastic surgeons bank balances expand, and the average suburban women’s decrease, but at least so do her wrinkles! But this article isn’t focusing on how to get rid of your wrinkles, but rather how to prevent yourself from getting more of them.

Although getting wrinkles is as inevitable as aging, by having a look at your lifestyle, you might be able to prevent the number of wrinkles growing on your face. This, in some instances, quite strange examples, highlights the impact that our fast paced, social lifestyles have on our appearance.

The following 8 things could be just what you’ve been doing wrong:

Drinking too much alcohol. Surprisingly, alcohol can have quite a severe impact on your skin, causing premature aging in the form of wrinkles. Alcohol in larger quantities has the ability to reduce chemical stimuli in your body as well as breakdown certain vitamins and minerals resulting in the loss of collagen and elasticity in your skin, as well as resulting in redness, dehydration and puffy ness, all contributing factors to the denigration of your skin therefore allowing the previously of wrinkles and the inability for your skin to repair and regenerate itself effectively.

Not sleeping enough. Needing extra beauty sleep is apparently a real thing when it comes to wrinkles! Studies have shown that when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. In contrast, by sleeping more you encourage your body to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps the skin remain thick and more elastic, making it less likely to wrinkle.

Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress is another lifestyle choice linked to cortisol and therefore wrinkles. Cortisol is nicknamed the stress hormone and is known for its ability to break down collagen, resulting in it becoming more and more difficult for your body to repair its dermis and therefore increases not only the risk of wrinkles, but the permanence of wrinkles.

One more reason to give up smoking. I feel like smokers are picked on the most in any health article, so we better keep to the trend when it comes to wrinkles! The first thing I always notice about long term smokers is the fine lines around their mouths as a result of constantly pursuing their lips whilst smoking. This is made worse by the fact that smoking restricts blood flow to your skin making it difficult for your skin cells to receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients they need to regenerate. Smoking has also been shown to break down the body’s elastin, an essential ingredient in firm, fabulous skin. Want fewer wrinkles? You’ll need to stop smoking.

Too much sunshine and not enough sunscreen. In previous articles we have looked at the benefits as well as the risks of sunshine, and tend to come to the conclusion that moderation is definitely your friend when it comes to the sun. The prevention of wrinkles is just one more example. The UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun don’t just touch our skin, but actually penetrate deeply into the dermal layers – this results not only in sunburn and cancers, but permanent damage to our skins structure, making it easier for wrinkles to ‘grow’ and stay. Always make sure you use ample amounts of a good quality sunscreen, as well as covering up and avoiding the sun wherever possible.

Chewing of gum. Regularly chewing sugar free gum might be good for your teeth, but it might just be terrible for wrinkles! The chewing motion forces your mouth into continually different shapes, resulting in a downward turn in the corners of your mouth as well as a pronounced muscles at the bottom of your jawline, this according to Joel Schlessinger, MD a certified dermatologist and CEO of LovelySkin.com.

Sleeping on your side or stomach might be another cause of permanent wrinkles. The movement of consistently pushing on your face, whether it is into your mattress or your pillow, causes creases on your face which slowly become permanent. Rather than risking rolling onto your stomach place a pillow under your knees which will help deter you from rolling onto your side. This difficult routine changer might not be for you, but supposedly to prevent wrinkles the back is best.

Everybody’s favorite – sugary treats. According to Alexiades-Armenakas, a Harvard qualified MD, “Sugar molecules bind to tissues by a process called glycation. When that happens, harmful new molecules are created in your blood stream, and these saboteurs damage collagen and elastin, the fibers responsible for keeping your skin taut and firm.” It might be true that sometimes a little extra weight on the face hides wrinkles, but it’s definitely not worth it for the long term impact.

Look out for our follow up article coming soon: How to get rid of the wrinkles you already have!