Is it possible to “print” human organs?

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Lots of people and businesses have been having great fun with the capabilities of their 3D printers and as the technology grows, so do the possible applications! But who would have thought a group of doctors would use this new technology to literally ‘print’ organs.

Anthony Atala and his team have been doing exactly that!

As the Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, his work focuses on growing and regenerating tissues and organs, by using living cells. His team engineered the first lab-grown organ, a bladder, to be implanted into a human being, and they are now going even further by trying to print human tissue on demand.

Below is his TED talk video, where he demonstrates the early stage experiment that is showing major promise for the future!

[ted id=1088]

Although not there yet, this type of technology and research is making major ground in finding new solutions to age-old problems.