How many calories do we eat on Christmas day?

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Christmas is coming! How we all love Christmas! The family, the food, the gifts and of course the religious celebrations for many households. My favorite part of Christmas is the food of course; what other day of the year do you have all your favorite foods, covered in gravy, in one meal. Turkey, fillet, chicken or, for the more adventurous, how about a turducken?

More amazing than the variety of food we consume on Christmas day is probably the quantities! We all seem to roll out the dining room directly onto the nearest couch, only to play a particularly effective game of sleeping lions. But did you realize the average person eats more than 7000 calories on Christmas day, according to research carried out by Associated British Foods. That’s three times the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recommended daily calorie intake. Even when bearing in mind that this is over the course of the whole day, it is quite ludicrous to realize the quantities involved.

This is what 7000 calories might look like:

27 Big Mac’s

63 Medium Vanilla Milkshake

20 Turkey Breasts

91 Roast Potatoes

21 Slices of Pumpkin Pie

89 Choc Chip Cookies

15 Donuts

134 Apples

So how many sit ups do we need to do to get rid of this Christmas day binge? It’s estimated that 100 sit ups will burn only 10 – 15 calories meaning that it will take a whopping 46 600 sit ups to get rid of one worth of eating. What if you do CrossFit will you be better off than the poor sap counting his way to 50 thousand push-ups? Well yes, you would be much better off, Cross-fitters will need to do an estimated 10 and a half hours’ worth of sweat intensive exercise, with an average of 261 being burned every 20 minute session.

Despite any of this information, I believe the words a very wise friend told me a number of years ago, “You never put on weight on Christmas day.” I always hold on very dearly to his words and I believe you should too! Have a very merry, fat Christmas.