Generic version of Tamiflu approved by the FDA

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Generic version of Tamiflu approved by the FDA

All generic medicine approved by the FDA have the same high-quality and strength as brand-name drugs, but are marketed at a lower price in order to assist the consumer market. When a generic drug has been approved, it has been through rigorous tests and standards established by the FDA. Standards include identity, strength, quality, purity and potency and must contain the same active ingredients as the brand name product.It’s official. As of August, 2016, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first generic version of Tamiflu, a globally used medication in the treatment of influenza (A and B) in patients as young as two weeks old and older, as well as in the prevention of the flu in older patients. Tamiflu gained global celebrity status in its mostly effective treatment of people who had contracted swine flu.

A large portion of the process includes the generic drug manufacturer to prove its drug is the same as the brand name. Through the review of bioequivalence data, the FDA ensures the generic product performs the same as its respective brand name product. The manufacturing facilities and other product specifications must meet the same requirements as any brand name drug as set out by the FDA.

With nearly 8 in 10 prescription drugs being filled in the United States, this is a market that is always worth keeping an eye on.


Patients must use oseltamivir phosphate as directed by their health care provider. Oseltamivir phosphate does not take the place of receiving a flu vaccination. Talk to your health care provider about when you should receive an annual flu vaccination.

Patients and health care providers may find more information on oseltamivir phosphate in the drug label.