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Claims Facing Abilify

The use of the drug Abilify has been connected to behavioral changes in patients. Most commonly, a newly-developed addiction to gambling, and other associated compulsive traits, is developed. This causes users of the drug to be in extreme debt, which is not only mind-altering attitudes, but also life-changing effects. Anyone suffering immense gambling debt while using Abilify can seek compensation. Get justice now, and find a no settlement, no fee, attorney now!

1) Did the victim take Abilify for at least 3 months?

2) Did the victim take Abilify any time after January 2005?

3) Did the victim develop a compulsive gambling problem while taking Abilify? (yes)

4) How much was estimated gambling loss while taking Abilify?

5) Did the victim ever take any medication to treat Parkinson’s disease or Restless Leg Syndrome?

6) Did the victim take this medication at the same time that they were also taking Abilify?

7) Does the victim have an attorney


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