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Roundup Lawsuit

Roundup is a weed killer that is made by Monsanto. Monsanto is an agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the U.S. Monsanto has been in business since 1901 and was known to produce the pesticide DDT and Agent Orange in the past. In recent history, the company has been known for its production of the widely popular herbicide Roundup. It is estimated that 85-90 million pounds of Roundup had been used by the year 2001 and by 2007 that amount had doubled. This product has been marketed to both farmers for agricultural use and to consumers who were looking for an all-purpose herbicide to use around their homes.

The issue with Roundup has to do with its active ingredient, glyphosate. Glyphosate has been linked to cancer. It is a dangerous carcinogen and is believed to have had an influence in some individuals who have developed types of deadly cancer.

Monsanto has faced several lawsuits since Roundup has been linked to cancer. It has been alleged that Monsanto has known about the link between glyphosate and cancer since the 1980’s but have negligently failed to inform the public about the dangers. Lawsuits have claimed that not only did Monsanto not tell farmers and agricultural workers about the dangers but they also falsely told them that it was safe and non-toxic. By August 4th, 2016, at least 26 lawsuits had been filed against Monsanto and its product Roundup. However, it is believed that the company may be facing as many as 200 additional lawsuits over Roundup and its link to cancer.

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