Claims Against Benicar

For not properly warning patients of the severe risk associated with taking their drug, manufacturers of Benicar are being sued.


There have been hundreds of people have come forwards with complaints of the drug causing:

  • Severe gastrointestinal issues
  • Sprue-like enteropathy
  • Substantial weight...
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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Benicar for the treatment of high blood pressure.
An admonitory letter is sent by the FDA to Sankyo Pharma, Inc, regarding misleading statements, and unsubstantiated claims against the effectiveness and safety in using the drug.
A review is conducted of all ARB class medications, including Benicar, after a study is published with the claim that they can be associated with increased risks of cancer development
Label changes are approved by the FDA to note that Benicar can cause intestinal problems, also known as sprue-like enteropathy
An Ohio woman who claims that using Benicar caused the development of a severe, chronic, intestinal illness in her, files a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturers

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What is Benicar?

Benicar is a medication known under the generic name olmesartan. This drug is classified as an angiotensin II receptor antagonist. It is designed to keep the blood vessels from narrowing, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood flow. Doctors write more than 11 million prescriptions for this drug each year.

Benicar can be taken on its own as a stand-alone blood pressure...

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Benicar Lawsuits

A growing number of patients have filed a lawsuit against the drugs manufacturers. It is expected that several thousand complaints will be filed in courts nationwide over the next year. Benicar lawsuits claim that the manufacturers knew, or should have been aware, about the risk of intestinal problems that were a side effect.

 Patients who are suffering from enteropathy...

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Cases Filed Against Sankyo Pharma, Inc

In July 2013, the FDA announced that Benicar would receive a label update, to warn against any and all side effects. The new drug information reflects that this medication may cause enteropathy, a...

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