Claims Against Actos

For not properly warning patients of the risks associated with prolonged use of this drug, many have filed claims against the manufacturers of Actos. With the increased diagnoses of bladder cancer in those taking this Type 2 diabetes medication, justice can be found for users of Actos. If you, or someone you...

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These tablets work to:

  • Decrease insulin resistance
  • Allow the body to better dispose of excess blood sugar
  • Increase cell sensitivity to insulin
  • Lower glucose made in...
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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Actos to treat Type 2 diabetes.
Data linking the risk of developing bladder cancer while using Actos is reviewed by the FDA.
Patients are warned about the harmful repercussions of using this drug for over one year.
Over 10,000 lawsuits are estimated to have been filed against the manufacturers.
Discovered by the British Medical Journal that users of Actos are twice as likely to develop bladder cancer
In February, the trial of Jack Cooper vs. Takeda Pharmaceuticals begins in California, making it the first Actos case to be brought to court
$5 million is awarded to Jack Cooper in April, as compensation for damages, while his wife receives $1.5 million for loss of consortium.
The Western District of Louisiana begins the bellwether Actos trial in January

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What Does Actos Do?

Physicians prescribe this drug as a way to regulate blood sugar levels for those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Considered a blockbuster drug for Takeda Pharmaceuticals (and later Eli Lilly after their partnership), Actos soon became one of the most successful diabetes medications. Taking a 15 or 30 milligram dose once daily is recommended, though this can be increased to 45 milligrams by...

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Lawsuits Against Takeda Pharmaceuticals And Eli Lilly

With claims that the manufacturers of Actos are more concerned about their profits than the health of those using their medication, thousands of patients have filed lawsuits against Takeda and Eli Lilly.

If you are, or know, someone who has been diagnosed with bladder cancer as a result of treating Type 2 diabetes with Actos, you can receive compensation. Contacting a...

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Actos Settlements and Cases

The first case to go to trial in the federal Actos multidistrict litigation was Terrence Allen, et ux v. Takeda Pharmaceuticals. A jury found that the manufacturers neglected to warn patients...

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