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Roundup Lawsuit

Roundup is a weed killer that is made by Monsanto. Monsanto is an agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the U.S. Monsanto has been in business since 1901 and was known to produce the pesticide DDT and Agent...

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Side Effects:

The side effects of Roundup include several dangerous and deadly conditions, they include:

  • Leukemia: Multiple myeloma, myeloma
  • Lymphoma:...
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Monsanto was founded in St. Louis Missouri by John Francis Queeny.
Monsanto begins manufacturing the artificial sweetener, Saccharin.
Monsanto began production of PCB’s, an industrial chemical which was a lubricant that was resistant to heat and would not burn. It had limitless uses and was considered a wonder chemical.
Monsanto begins production of DDT a pesticide.
Monsanto began to produce “Agent Orange” which was employed in the Herbicidal Warfare Program in Vietnam and dumped on millions of civilians and servicemen.
DDT is banned as deathly side effects begin to come to light.
Glyphosate was discovered when it was synthesized by a young chemist, John Franz who worked for Monsanto.
Roundup was introduced into the market as an all-purpose herbicide for large scale farming and around the home. It was marketed on the premise that it was environmentally friendly and safe for humans and wildlife.
PCB’s were banned amid studies showing negative impacts on human and environmental health. It has been shown that Monsanto the primary manufacturer of these chemicals knew for many years of the extreme dangers of the chemicals.
Monsanto enters into the field of GMO (genetically modified organism) research and production to try and achieve crops that are immune to their glyphosate-based Roundup.
Monsanto buys G.D. Searle and Co., maker of NutraSweet (aspartame) another controversial and potentially dangerous compound.
Monsanto introduces Roundup Ready seeds which are genetically engineered to be immune to glyphosate. Included are soybeans, corn, cotton and other crops.
Study shows that Roundup herbicide and genetically modified corn cause tumors and organ damage in rats.
Research studied by WHO on the links between cancer and Roundup concluded that it is “probably carcinogenic to humans”. It is alleged that Monsanto has known Roundup is carcinogenic for decades but failed to disclose this as Roundup sales increased.

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What does Roundup do?

Roundup, which is the trade name used by Monsanto, is an herbicide containing the chemical glyphosate. Glyphosate-based herbicides are believed to be the most commonly used weed killers on the market. They are used in commercial and industrial farming, residential weed control, foresting, and to control invasive plants.

Glyphosate inhibits an enzyme, EPSP synthase, that plants need...

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Attorney and Legal Information

Monsanto has faced several lawsuits. In 1996, a lawsuit was filed for false advertising by claiming Roundup as being “safer than table salt” and “practically non-toxic”. Lawsuits across the U.S. have been filed claiming Monsanto has known for decades that there is a link between glyphosate and cancer. There are at least 37 lawsuits against Roundup at this that have...

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