Claims Against IVC Filters

Those who have used inferior vena cava (IVC) filters to prevent potentially fatal lung clots while recovering from accidents and surgeries, may have been put in danger


Both temporary and permanent IVC filters have been linked to severe side effects including:

  • Device Fracture
  • Device Migration
  • Device Perforation
  • Inability to Retrieve...
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Retrievable IVC filters are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
A recall is issued for the Boston Scientific Stainless Steel Greenfield IVC filters by the FDA, for models made before March 10, 2004
An initial safety communication is released by the FDA regarding the concern of removing retrievable IVC filters
The first lawsuit against IVC filters is filed against the manufacturer C. R. Bard
According to a study published by the Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders, it is recommended for retrievable IVC filters to be removed 29 and 54 days after they are implanted
Further information is found in May, resulting in an update to the initial 2010 FDA safety communication
A motion to centralize IVC filter lawsuits against Cook Medical Inc. is filed in August, by forming a multi-district litigation
In October, a multi-district litigation is formed in Indiana's Southern District, to centralize 27 lawsuits against manufacturing company Cook Medical Inc.
The family of an Ohio woman whose internal injuries from IVC filters caused her death in 2004, filed a lawsuit against Boston Scientific in January
A man from Nevada received a settlement from C. R. Bard in February, after their IVC filter perforated his heart, requiring minor surgery

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What Is An IVC Filter?

IVC filters are devices that are implanted inside of patients who are at a higher risk of developing pulmonary embolism, especially after accidents or surgeries. This cage-like apparatus is surgically inserted into the inferior vena cava, which is the vein that takes blood back to the heart and lungs. An IVC filter works to trap blood clots before they can travel to vital organs, including...

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Further Lawsuit Information

The two manufacturers who are at the center of IVC filter claims are C. R. Bard, and Cook Medical Inc. Both have multidistrict litigations, and patients who have received adverse effects resulting from the below products are requested to seek legal help:

  • The Bard Recover Filter
  • The Bard G2 Filter
  • The Bard G2 Express Filter
  • The Cook Gunther Tulip Filter
  • The Cook Celect...

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Cases Filed Against IVC Filter Manufacturers

After the IVC filter broke inside his body, a small metal leg of the device traveled to, and perforated, the heart of Kevin Phillips. He was forced to have open heart surgery as a result, which...

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