Lawsuits Against GM

GM issued a recall in February of 2014 on models of vehicles that were identified as having a defective ignition switch. Initially the recall was for 1.6 million vehicles, however, one month later GM issued a recall on an additional 971,000 vehicles. In total the recall covered 2.6 million GM...

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Faulty GM Ignition Switch Effects:

The issues with defective GM ignition switches has caused several fatalities and serious injuries to owners of these GM vehicles....

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GM discovers a defect in the ignition switch while testing the Saturn Ion.
A technician closes an inquiry for a Saturn Ion that was stalling after the owner changed their keyring and the problem stopped.
GM again notices the defect in the Chevy Cobalt models.
GM rejects a proposal to fix the issue and states that it would take too long and be too costly for the company.
16-year-old Amber Marie Rose, dies in wreck after her ignition switch malfunctioned and her 2005 Cobalt shut down functions. Her vehicle crashed into a tree.
GM releases a service bulletin concerning the ignition switches but still do nothing to fix the issue or issue a recall.
GM is notified that the fatal crash involving Amber Marie Rose was directly linked to the defective ignition switch. Regulators do not conduct an investigation.
A Cobalt program engineer says that the company stated during a deposition that it was a “business decision not to fix this problem”.
GM makes a statement that the defective ignition switch is to blame for at least 13 deaths.
During the first half of the year GM recalls 2.7 million vehicles due to the defective ignition switches.
Former U.S. Attorney, Anton Valukas performs an internal inquiry concerning the ignition switch recalls. CEO Mary Barra, states that Valukas finds an 11-year “history of failures and a pattern of incompetence and neglect.”

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What do ignition switches do?

The ignition switch is generally a keyed switch that turns on the electrical system of the vehicle, followed by the other systems of the car and sends the signal for the vehicle to ignite the engine. Generally, the switch has four positions off, accessory, run and start. Run turns the electrical components on and gets the systems ready to ignite. The start position is used to ignite the...

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GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

Lawsuits involving GM ignition switch malfunctions that have led to injuries and deaths have been filed against GM.  This has been the result of the manufacturer’s negligence to inform the public of the dangers associated with their defective ignition switches.  GM was also negligent in performing a timely recall of the affected vehicles.  GM knew about the issue very...

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