Hip Replacements

Metal on Metal (MoM) Hip Replacements

The ASR Hip System is a one-piece cup and socket that may be used either for total hip replacement (ASR XL) or hip resurfacing (DePuy ASR). DePuy faces thousands of state and federal lawsuits over its ASR and Pinnacle hip implants. DePuy the manufacturer provided...

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Side Effects include::

  • Metal-on-metal hip implants can shed metal particles into the body
  • Metallosis or metal poisoning.
  • Implant failure
  • Bone death
  • Organ...
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DePuy ASR XL products (except resurfacing heads) are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for supply in the USA.
DePuy circulate a safety notice to all implanting surgeons trained in the ASR that higher than expected revision rates have been reported for ASR system with head sizes below 50mm in diameter.
DePuy reminded Surgeons of the importance of using the correct implanting technique for the ASR monoblock acetabular cup.
DePuy outs a recall notice issued in the USA and UK for the ASR system.
This Medical Device Alert (MDA) was issued in response to the DePuy recall notice and instructs surgeons to not perform any further ASR implants, to return all unused implants to DePuy, and to inform all patients about the recall.
US Food and Drug Administration issue advice to orthopaedic surgeons about implant surgery and patient management. This advice includes information about responding to localized symptoms, metal ion testing, and joint revision (replacement).
British Medical Journal (BMJ) releases results of the risk of cancer in the first seven years after metal-on-metal hip replacement. It concluded that there was no evidence that metal-on-metal hips were associated with an increased risk of any cancer diagnosis in the seven years following surgery.
$8.3M awarded to Loren Kransky after a 5 week trial. ASR was found defective in design and he was awarded for his injuries.
$600K paid out to 3 women who suffered complications and revision surgery. Each was awarded $200K.
Johnson & Johnson agreed to settle 7,500 ASR hip replacement lawsuits for about $250,000 per claim. The settlement could exceed $4 billion.
DePuy agreed to an additional round two settlement of $420 million to settle roughly 1,400 more claims.

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What are metal on metal hip replacements?

In metal-on-metal devices both the ball and socket components are made of metal. These metal implants have been used in total hip replacement surgeries and hip resurfacing procedures. The DePuy ASR and MoM implants have been under fire for causing severe side effects and injuries.

DePuy’s ASR and Pinnacle Metal Lawsuit Information

Over $4,428,900,000 have been awarded for people connected to DePuy ASR and MoM related implants. Patience sighting debilitating pain and weakness, significant inhibitions of movement, elevated blood levels of chromium and cobalt, anxiety, fear, mental anguish and other emotional and physical damages in the lawsuits. Lawsuits have been filed against DePuy for negligence for...

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Recent Settlements


This settlement was achieved by Greg Vanni for our 85-year old client whose leg was run over by a Metro bus in Los Angeles.

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Hernandez v. West Coast Sand & Gravel

Kevin Callahan obtained a recovery in excess of the policy limits for our client after a two week trial in Orange County. Our client was injured while riding his bike on the sidewalk (in violation of the vehicle code) at 4:30 am, and then riding into the crosswalk (also in violation of vehicle code) in front of a turning truck.